6 Suggestions for a Sober Valentine’s Day

Dry January may be wrapping up, but if you like how you’re feeling after four straight Mondays without a hangover, you might be motivated to continue your sober journey into February. Congratulations! But beware–this month can be full of triggers to drink. 

If you’re committed to a clear head—don’t let the month of commercialized love take you down.

Instead, be reassured that you can practice daily gratitude, celebrate your friendships, love yourself—because you are enough—and still find time to enjoy a few fun booze-free activities. 

Here are six suggestions for love month: 

#1: A Romantic Stroll

Long walks along the beach have stood the romance test of time, because there’s nothing so relaxing and lovely as walking hand-in-hand with someone special. If you don’t live near a picturesque place, there’s bound to be a local park with a trail and a few birds to feed. So gather up your breadcrumbs, and enjoy a little romance in the great outdoors. 

#2: Show Your Adventurous Side

Few things are attractive as a partner willing to try something new. Imagine a thrilling new adventure with the one you’ve caught the feels for. So, try something out of the ordinary. Take a fencing class or explore a new neighborhood. Sign up for kayaking or pottery afternoon at your local community center. Go with friends, on a date, or solo.

#3: Snag Some Culture

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating beauty and love—something artists have been doing since, well, forever. What better way to celebrate the day than with a bit of live music, art, or theater? Find a local event that pushes you out of your comfort zone and will give you a great anecdote later, even if your date is a bust. Bonus–many local museums and art galleries are free to enter.

#4: Snuggle Up

While some folks have perfect outdoor weather in February, many are still in coats and long johns this time of year. The good news about a little chill in the air is that you just have to snuggle up with your boo to get warm. So, if you have a safe space, build a fire outside, or make do with a YouTube fireplace background while you snuggle on the couch—you and your date can enjoy a smoky Drink Monday Old Fashioned or two between smooches. 

#5: Coffee and Ice Cream

No matter the season, two staple sober date ideas are a cup of coffee followed by a towering ice cream cone. This date is ideal for first or second dates if you’re brave enough to go on one of those this time of year. Coffee can lead to the ice cream if the date’s going well; if not, you have a readymade out an hour and a half into the event. Some of us sober folks like having an opt-out opportunity halfway through a social event in case we get overwhelmed. Plus, having a warm beverage to hold can be comforting when getting to know someone for the first time. 

#6: Spare or Strike?

While most bowling alleys sell alcohol these days, they usually have a non-alcoholic brew or two and will always make you an n/a cocktail with a lime. Plus, there are other activities besides bowling—laser tag and arcades are common features—to help you get in touch with your inner child. Don’t be afraid to get a little flirty and competitive. Hopefully, you don’t strike out on your date. 😜

Contributed by Caroline Turner Cole, a storyteller based in Dallas, TX. A yogi, voice-over artist, writer, and creative business coach, she’s been skipping the booze for nearly 2 years and couldn’t be happier. Follow along on IG @carolinecolestories and YouTube.