Monday's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Monday is here to equip you with the tools to thrive. And while our zero-proof gin and whiskeys are our greatest gifts to you and your well-being, we wanted to further spread the joy by giving you some of our favorite products and gift ideas for this upcoming holiday season.


You can’t have the best cocktail without the best mixer. This is why Fever-Tree operates under the simple notion that when ¾ of your cocktail is the mixer, there’s no room for artificial flavorings or sweeteners. Their selection of unique and delicious flavors makes mixology easy and fun. We love the ‘Distillers Cola’ with Monday Whiskey and their ‘Elderflower Tonic Water’ with Monday Gin, but take a peek for yourself, you could really have a field day with these flavor choices.

Hella Cocktail Co.

There’s nothing bitter-sweet about the effervescent experience of pure glee sipping one of Hella’s Bitters and Soda. Their sophisticated balance of aromatic bitters, fresh fruits and spices make this elixir just as good to mix in a cocktail as to savor as a stand-alone aperitif. 

Curious Botanicals 

We’re big fans of glamming up your glass; making your cocktail stand out as the best dressed in the room. Curious Botanicals offers decadently dehydrated limes, lemons, oranges and pineapples to take your garnish-game to the next level. To absolutely skyrocket the real-estate value of any bar, check out Curious Botanicals’ Infusion Flasks, pre-packed with gorgeous fruits, teas, flowers, and herbs. Just pour any spirit into the flask for a flavor experience that’s as remarkable as it looks.


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1821 Bitters  

Bitters is right there in the name and 1821 sure boasts an array of bitters that are impressively off the beaten path. We’re particularly impressed with their Japanese Chili and Lime Bitters and their Barrel Aged Havana and Hide Bitters. Also be sure to try their Shrubs (a deliciously acidic syrup composed of various fruits and other botanicals) that enhance any cocktail. Gift 1821’s Watermelon Mint  or Blackberry Peppercorn Shrubs to wow any cocktail connoisseur.

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Sweet Reason

The holiday season can get a little hectic and Sweet Reason, the self-proclaimed “Curators of Calm” are here to relieve the season’s stress. Their CBD infused sparkling beverages are not only mouthwateringly tasty, but are powerfully packed with a combination of calming herbs, adaptogens, and up to 30mg of broad spectrum hemp CBD to help you unwind anytime.

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Acid League  

Ready to experiment with Acid? Your holiday drinks, cocktails, and dishes will get a whole lot more interesting when you enlist Acid League’s wide range of living vinegars to explore the endless possibilities of acidity for your culinary and cocktail quests. Consider this a masterclass in gut-friendly gastronomy. Monday favorites: Coffee Chaga Maple, Passion Fruit Oolong, and Vanilla Manuka Spice ‘Living Tonics’.

The Fancy Vinegar Brands Taking Our Pantries on an Acid Trip - Eater

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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker

Anyone who’s tried to remove the stuck lid of a shaker after it’s been put to work knows it’s an absolute nightmare.  Consider this problem a thing of the past with their simple twist-top, leak-proof lid design. Additionally, it’s double-walled insulated construction keeps the contents ice cold instead of your hands. Finally, the measuring system etched into the inside of the lid eliminates the need for a jigger, making this the best and last shaker you’ll ever buy.


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Zero Proof Cocktails: 90 Non-Alcoholic Recipes for Mindful Drinking 

Renowned author and journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Elva Ramirez, set out on a simple quest: Travel the globe seeking the world’s most renowned cocktail lounges and bars to curate the best recipes for zero-proof cocktails. A must read (and must taste) for those journeying the world of mindful drinking and fabulous zero-proof cocktails. (See our Blog for an informative Q&A with the author). 


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Monday's Cocktail Creator Set 


Whether a seasoned mixologist or aspiring home bartender, our premium 8-piece barware set has everything needed to create delicious drinks like a professional this holiday season.

Our Monday Custom Barware Set Includes:

  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Hawthorne Strainer
  • Fine Mesh Strainer
  • Bar Spoon
  • Muddler
  • Jigger
  • Pourer (2)

With this wealth of wellness, life-enhancing hacks, and uplifting gift guidance, we wouldn’t blame you if you plucked everything off this list for yourself. But it’s the season of giving, spread the love!