Why You Need to Consider Sober Networking in 2023

What is Networking? 

For small business owners or solo entrepreneurs, networking is how you’ll boost brand awareness and make valuable connections. It can happen planned or unplanned, which is why professionals suggest always being prepared. 

If you network on behalf of your employer, you’re likely trying to bring in new clients and keep current ones happy. In situations and jobs where “relationship-building” is at the center, it’s not uncommon to see alcohol combined with socializing, despite its impact on employees and owners.

Networking is endlessly beneficial for business, and sober networking is the secret to making the most of your time.

What are the Benefits of Sober Networking?

  • Build natural confidence
  • Develop stronger pitching skills
  • Staying focused and motivated
  • Not forgetting important information


Sober networking gives your pitch and personality a chance to shine! With a clear mind, you’re able to stay focused and on-topic in conversations.

That clarity helps you hit every “selling” point and be an effective listener. You’re less likely to walk away thinking “I can’t believe I forgot to say…” or “I just wasn’t my best” if you’re conversating sober.

Be honest, have you ever been to an event and said something regrettable after too many cocktails?

This is an experience many people go through. You might’ve even struggled through hangxiety or day after guilt. It’s safe to say alcohol comes with more than just a hangover.

But when considering the known downsides, it makes you wonder why we often mix “work” and drinking.

Whether it’s “casual” drinks at the office, wine at a company dinner, or beer while trying to close a deal, alcohol is a socially acceptable element of business in some places. 

However, Monday is here for those who want and need a change in their networking cocktail. 

You are more than capable of developing lasting business connections without “liquid courage.” 

Another element of sober networking is avoiding missed opportunities! The Washington University School of Medicine reported in March of this year that “alcohol use disorder is linked to 232 million missed workdays annually” in the United States. 

How to Network Mindfully: 

  • Find alcohol-free bars or menus locally.
  • Identify a few favorite coffee shops featuring a diverse menu. 
  • Pick your favorite bar-alternative activities.
  • Use the Monday bar & store locator.
  • Find places that offer quick appetizers & alcohol-free drink options.
  • Decline networking events with a heavy focus on alcohol or total lack of sober options.
  • Identify a few go-to alcohol-free drink orders you like.
  • If you’re a solo or small business owner, look into coworking spaces & memberships.
  • Request sober activities & drink options at work.
  • Lead conversations with a search for genuine connection.
  • Honor your personal boundaries.
  • Set mini goals for yourself if helpful.

Let’s be clear - having a cocktail in the office or while networking isn’t harmful as long as it’s alcohol-free! Luckily, with the rise of functional cocktails and mindful drinking, sober options have never been better. 

Find out how you can use Monday to create delicious, good-for-the-office cocktails here.

And If you’re someone that wants to see less alcohol at work - use your voice!  Let managers know how the presence of alcohol at work or work-related activities makes you feel. 

Quick Summary of Sober Networking:

  1. Alcohol doesn’t make you funnier, a better dancer, or a better “closer.” 
  2. You can network mindfully by being prepared with your favorite alcohol-free spots.
  3. Sober networking helps you build professional self-confidence and better relationships.
  4. Never regret your conversations with zero-proof cocktails. 

Want to advocate for Monday to be in your favorite bar or store? Click here!