Spirited Ones Spotlight: Sophie Shepherd

I'm Sophie Shepherd. 

I live in Sydney, Australia. As an Aussie, Drinking/alcohol play a big part in our lives. I never really thought about it before until recently. My husband and I got married last year and started trying for a family the next month. We quickly got thrown into this whole world where you realise some lifestyle changes are needed. Drinking less was at the top of that list. I didn't want to change my life too much and when it came to going out or socializing with friends, it was just boring options presented like sparkling water or a diet coke! So I turned to Monday! This meant that I could still enjoy my Monday 'Gin and Tonics' without feeling like I'm sacrificing anything and not missing a beat. 

It's such an easy swap when it comes to fertility and leads perfectly into the next phase where I won't be drinking anything for 9 months any way ;-)


A funny thing happens when you explain the non-alc movement to someone who isn’t aware of it. Often, things start off with a puzzled facial expression. ‘Why would someone want a non-alcoholic spirit?’ A fair question... but what’s really interesting is how quickly that puzzled expression turns into an “ahhh ok, I get it!” That bridge, from curious skepticism to supportive understanding happens strikingly fast and it happens when you answer with examples of people’s unique stories.

Here at Monday, we believe that each personal story explains why we exist at all. That’s why we’ve created the Spirited Ones Spotlight as a place to showcase these unique stories, showing how individuals thrive within the non-alc movement and its various branches of health and wellness. 

Your story is indispensable and we’d love for you to share it with us. Reach out to  to take the Spotlight as a Spirited One.